Take Control of False Alarms

Services Offered

The following describes the services that ATB Services offers a jurisdiction to help them administer their false alarm reduction programs. A jurisdiction may utilize all of some of the services described below.

Alarm Permitting and Registration
Alarm Company Coordination
Track the Number of False Alarm Events
False Alarm Ticketing
Permit and Ticket Remittance
Citizen Customer Support - Toll Free
Education Services
Support the Appeals Process
Coordinate Collections for Bad Debts
Others as needed
Alarm Permitting and Registration
ATB Services verifies alarm users are in a jurisdiction's limits and mails initial alarm permits and annual renewals if needed.

Alarm Company Coordination
ATB Services works closely with the alarm companies operating in your jurisdiction to manage alarm permits, and communicates with them about alarm users with excessive false alarms, etc.

Track the Number of False Alarm Events
ATB Services has a flexible and open false alarm tracking system that can get or retrieve false alarm dispatch information from a jurisdiction's dispatch center. ATB Services can process false alarm dispatch information daily, weekly, or any interval needed.

False Alarm Ticketing
After ATB Services processes false alarm dispatch information, we mail false alarm tickets to the alarm user for the appropriate amount based on the total number of false alarms an alarm user has had.

Permit and Ticket Remittance
ATB Services provides complete remittance services to jurisdictions for Alarm Permitting and False Alarm Ticketing. ATB Services processes payments daily and deposits a jurisdictions funds into the bank of your choice. If a jurisdiction prefers, ATB Services can also coordinate remittance processing with a jurisdiction's bank or finance department.

Citizen Customer Support - Toll Free
Providing customer support to citizens for inquiries about a jurisdiction's false alarm reduction program, permits, tickets is the best practice for reducing false alarms.
ATB Services offers toll free citizen customer support for all of the services
we provide.

Education Services
ATB Services takes every opportunity possible to educate a jurisdiction's citizens
and business about the cost and problems that false alarms cause. Education
services that we offer include the development and mailing of false alarm
reduction brochures with alarm permits and tickets. ATB Services has also
assisted with the development of false alarm classes.

Support the Appeals Process
If ATB Services is providing alarm ticketing we will support any appeals that
a citizen may have. A citizen can call our citizen support center to begin
the process.

Coordinate Collections for Bad Debts
ATB Services offers collection services for bad debts either with our
collection partner or a jurisdictions current collection company.

Others as Needed
ATB Services can offer additional administrative services for a
jurisdiction's false alarm reduction program as needed.
Alarm Tracking and Billing - Services Offered
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